CERCO is contemporary ceramics and is also the biggest event around this artistic discipline that takes place in Spain
CERCO 2016 september 23, 24 and 25
CERCO is a contemporary ceramics.
CERCO are exhibitions, presentations, prize, meeting.


After the fulfillment in 2013 of a prize for ceramics and landscape, and with the experience accumulated in the call for awards about contemporary ceramics, the edition CERCO 2016 wants to continue innovating and experimenting with new forms of participation, expression and acknowledgement of ceramic projects.

The new proposal intends to organise at the Centro de Artesanía de Aragón a collective exhibition of ceramic installations made by those ceramists (individually or collectively) that are selected through a competition procedure.

CERCO 2016 will take place in Zaragoza on 23, 24 and 25 September. This initiative will be accompanied by a schedule of exhibition and activities related to the contemporary ceramics.

Exhibitions 2016

Materia infinita 01
José Carlos Vegas - Materia Infinita
Sala de Exposiciones del Centro de Artesanía de Aragón Monasterio de Samos s/n Zaragoz...
Sala de exposiciones del Centro de Artesanía de Aragón Monasterio de Samos s/n Zaragoza Del 23 al 25 de...
Isidro Ferrer
Isidro Ferrer - Taller
Aulas del Centro de Artesanía de Aragón Taller de trabajo con Isidro Ferrer, ilustrador de de...

"CERCO Instalaciones 2016"

Selection of the call for "CERCO Instalaciones 2016"

Bibiana Martínez “La montaña mágica” (Spain)
Miguel Ángel Punter “Secuencia arquitectónica” (Spain)
Gerardo García y Serafina Balasch “Intelligentia“ (Spain)
Colectivo Ciudades Imposibles “Ciudades imposibles” (Spain)
Lorena Sanz Franco “Los gusanos se comieron nuestras casas” (Spain)
Carmela Tello Font “Vaivén…” (Spain)
Myriam Martínez “Sutura” (France)
Weronika Lucinska ”The aquatic environment” (Poland)
Please remember, CERCO 2016, in Zaragoza: 23, 24 and 25 September . This group show of installations could be seen at the Craft Centre of Aragon (Centro de Artesanía de Aragón), during the celebration of CERCO: 23 September to 21 October

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